Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept returns?

Yes for most of our products, as long as they are still in sellable condition. No for anything custom made.

Do your products have a warranty?

Warranty, no. Guarantee? Yes, if there is something wrong with your product, we will fix it. Even if you don't like it, send it back.

Where do you source your materials?

Canvas, steel, wood, plastic- all Canadian. Only our casters are manufactured overseas, but are meticulously tested for faults.

Canvas vs. Vinyl coated nylon

Canvas - Durable, eco friendly, washable.
VCN - Tear resistant, waterproof, can be wiped clean

Available Colours

Too many. Email us with what you have in mind.

How does a backsaver work? What are the benefits?

Backsavers lower into the cart while you fill it up. This keeps the load near the top of the cart at all times, greatly reducing the risk of back injury from reaching to the bottom.

Is shipping included in the price?

No, and shipping costs are not fixed. We will only be able to calculate the price of a shipment when we know exactly what your ordering.

Where do you ship?

Canada and U.S.


We use the unit "bushel" to measure volume, not weight capacity.
1 Bushel is approx. 1.24 cubic feet.
Consult Wikipedia for further information.

Corner vs. Diamond pattern casters?

Corner = casters on the corners of the cart.
Diamond = casters centered on the sides of the cart.
Click here to see both options.

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